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Projects, Pcon Planner and Contract

“Service above all” is the motto inspiring Mascagni’s Contracts Division and its Technical Design Office in all their decision-making.

Technical Design Office
This department addresses the needs of professional people and the sales network. With over thirty years’ experience, Mascagni has acquired a wealth of knowledge regarding the basic fundamentals of designing office environments. These do not refer simply to making the best use of space and volumes from an architectural perspective, but also the study of how people behave at their desk and their interaction in common spaces. Our four in-house designers have this knowledge at their fingertips, and can place their expertise at the service of architects to give them the necessary support to develop their layout concepts. The Technical Design office also offers a consultancy service to the external sales network, for furnishing projects. It develops entire projects (plans, axonometric projections, architectural rendering and computer presentations to use in discussions with clients and for calculating estimates), ranging from individual office modules to large, complex assignments. The process is not limited to the areas where Mascagni furnishings are utilized, but extends throughout the entire project, including elements made to measure or made to design.

the pCon Planner
Mascagni makes available to its partners pCon.planner ME – the best solution for space design, product configuration, processing of offers and communication with customers. If the challenges are what we believe in, because it is only through the challenges that improves and grows, that of pCon was a turning point, a decision some time we kept in the drawer waiting for the right opportunity and the right time to embark on this new adventure. For a company like ours, to a certainty as Mascagni in Italy and abroad is an established, working with pCon and the Italian team of EasternGraphic was a concrete becoming of decisions that have led us to make another big step towards our users and collaborators. Let us go forward with smart decisions and investments. Right now the market where the concrete is worth much more than style, we wanted to combine a complete restyling of our communication and new upcoming products, a substantial work that brings our range of furniture, seats and walls, available in shared library of pCon market leading technology solutions and design. A user friendly choice that will connect even more closely with those who work with us and with those who believe in us and invest. We are, and if “grow is to change”, we change because we know where we want to go, without hesitation, with the certainty of the choices that are never random.

For the pCon Planner install, please request by e-mail program: pcon@mascagni.it you will receive the installation instructions and the installer package through a shared link. Install the program and register by request of Mascagni libraries following the link that will be indicated to you on the instructions. Set up automatic updates, so that at least once a week are checked any data to be downloaded, automatically updating your product libraries, the first installation forced the updates several times, because the DataClient program will download new data is the program of libraries.

Contracts Division
When the customer’s order includes other types of services or supplies apart from office furnishings, we bring in our pool of experts. Mascagni’s Contracts division has the technical resources and the people needed to plan and furnish complete working environments. The department can arrange the supply and installation of partitions and masonry, floor and wall coverings, flooring, lights, curtains, everything in short that is necessary to provide a complete service to our clients.


Research and Development

A company’s competitive advantage comes from its ability to anticipate market needs and trends, finding effective answers and innovative solutions.

Mascagni has always placed great importance on the strategic role of R&D, dedicating to this area extensive care and resources.

Mascagni’s R&D department is the heart of the entire organization. With its cutting-edge design technology, it revolves around a group of experts who have pooled their individual talents and experience and can handle any idea or impulse coming from the designers with whom Mascagni works. They do not simply execute work, but also test and invent the new solutions that are developed in the company on a daily basis.

With the availability of production plants that can work materials such as wood, metal and plastics, Mascagni’s R&D team can study beforehand all the production phases in the development of a product, be it office furniture, filing systems, dividing partitions, seats and chairs. All the phases of every new project are subjected to a series of laboratory testing to verify that they meet all the legislative requirements set out for the sector.

Professionalism, the guarantee of product quality and innovation are the solid foundations on which any company can differentiate itself on the market and make its customers very happy, just like Mascagni.