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A unique object, in different versions, for temporal continuity between aesthetics and functionality. SOUND is a panel made of sound-absorbing material designed to obtain maximum acoustic purification of the sound produced by man.

Its typical rectangular shape develops into an increasing curved thickness of between 16 and 20 millimetres. The SOUND project has been assigned to class A, the best of the categories of sound-absorbing products, defined under the UNI EN ISO 11654 standard. The excellence of its acoustic performance was assessed using special tests in a reverberation room which were carried out by the Giordano Institute, a Quality Certification Body and member of both the AIA – Italian Acoustics Association – and the ANIT – the National Association for Thermal and Acoustic Insulation. The results obtained revealed the sound-
absorbing material’s high levels of acoustic absorption, a characteristic that makes SOUND the most advanced product in the world of acoustics.